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We offer several options when it comes to Split seals.  As a distributor we can offer more choices than most.  We do this for several reasons.  Split seals are the exception to cartridge seal sales in the industry.  As a result, most manufacturers only carry a limited number of  split seals in stock.  To help support our customers we will not only stock seals for their pumps but we can offer alternatives should unforeseen problems arise.

By definition: a Split Mechanical Seal is used to seal rotating equipment such as  (often vertical or horizontal multi-stage), mixers, agitators, stern tubes, and reactors. It is designed with a split face rotating and split stationary lapped ring which combine to form the primary seal. These rings or seal faces are sealed to the drive element and gland element via split secondary elastomer seals. These secondary seals may be molded for easy installation or vulcanized in place for custom seal designs. A series of springs are used to load the seal faces to prevent leakage from the primary seal. The splits may be machined to a polished finish to form a seal or may be sealed by a gasket.
The Split Mechanical Seal is often mounted in place of mechanical packing or a conventional shaft seal because the equipment remains assembled while the seal is mounted.  They are primarily used to seal non-volatile fluids but can be used to seal aggressive fluids in top entry vessels via the use of a gas blanket.



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